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Downloading Xcode Simulators on macOS Sonoma when the bandwidth is slow

  • ios-simulator
  • xcode
  • safari
  • macos
  • apple
  • bandwidth

Since macOS Sonoma (codename for macOS 14), Xcode doesn’t include any iOS Simulator anymore, so it’s now 50% lighter to download (3.2 GB instead of 7 GB), which is nice… except that downloading the Simulator separately sucks if your bandwidth is slow.

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Recover a lost Git stash in two steps

  • git
  • git-stash

Losing in-progress work is one of the fastest ways to feel helpless in front of a computer. This article about recovering lost git stashes was initially published 5 years ago on and has a steady 10000 views per year, so I guess it happens to a lot of persons.

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Using Vitepress cleanUrls option on a Nginx server

  • nginx
  • url-rewriting
  • vitepress
  • url
  • http
  • redirect

We share, receive and see URLs all the time, so it’s nice to have human-readable URLs like example.tld/yeah instead of example.tld/yeah.html.

On this blog using Vitepress on a Nginx environment, it works rather well (with a minor trade-off).

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